Logo Package Express

Adobe Illustrator plugin that takes your logo and exports, names, and sorts every variation and file type you need into an easy-to-use folder structure.
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Spend your time creating logos, not exporting them.

Logo Package Express is an extension for Adobe Illustrator CC2018 and newer that exports logo files. The extension can pump out 200+ logo files in under 5 minutes. It automatically generates every file format, color scheme, and logo configuration you or your client could ever ask you for. Logo Package Express can churn out dozens of pre-named logo files and organize them into folders in its sleep. You won’t ever have to manually create folders or name your logos one-by-one again. Logo Package Express converts your logo into multiple color gamuts: - CMYK - RGB - Pantone Coated and Uncoated It creates numerous color schemes: - Full color - All black - All white - Inverted (color mark with white type) - Grayscale And it exports logo components in isolation: - Full logo with tagline - Logotype with tagline - Tagline - Full logo - Logotype - Logo mark Choose any file formats you want: - AI - EPS - PDF - SVG - JPG - PNG

  • Export Print and Web Logo Packages in under 5 minutes
  • Automatically generate every color variation of your logo with 1 click
  • Find the best Pantone match for your logo colors instantly
  • Export all of your logo’s components at one time